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Psychotherapy is a distinct form of dialogue, which goes beyond the (often) superficial nature of everyday conversation. 

In this exchange, I endeavour to offer you my full presence, to listen deeply and respectfully, asking the kind of questions that give you a chance to express more of your own truth, whatever that may be.
No matter what may be troubling you, we will work together to create a safe space where no subject is off-limits, where you can share whatever is on your mind, knowing that you will be met with warmth and acceptance.
Unlike other types of conversation, our attention is focussed on you - that may be a particular issue that is troubling you, a relationship difficulty that you are experiencing, or you may wish to reflect on how you are currently living your life.  

Together, we will shine a light on your way of being in the world, revealing patterns that may no longer be helpful to you as well as new possibilities and meanings.
My approach

My way of working is gentle but challenging.
Believing that only you can be the expert on you, I do not diagnose, pathologise, categorise or offer advice. I am less concerned with applying theories or diagnoses, and more concerned with understanding your experience.  
My initial training was in Integrative psychotherapy (combining existential, psychodynamic and humanistic schools of thought) and my advanced training was in the existential approach.
The existential approach is grounded in a philosophy that focuses on human experience and, through open-enquiry, seeks to illuminate your ways of engaging with the world, and with others. This way of working presents an opportunity for us to reflect on, and clarify, your situation. It offers the space to remind yourself of your values and what matters most to you so that you can move forward with a life that feels meaningful to you.
If appropriate, I will draw on my training in the psychodynamic approach. This way of working looks to early relationships and how they may be impacting your present ways of relating. Through increased insight and personal awareness, this can help you to free yourself from patterns of relating, and living, that are no longer helpful to you.
The humanistic approach underpins all of my work and is grounded in compassion and respect for the individual.


"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."  Anais Lin 

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